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Thursday, 5th May 2016


This is a second attempt at this very attractive combination on the South Devon line after the previous one was adversely affected by bad weather! This is indeed a classic combination from Devon with 64xx Panniers and autos often appearing on Plymouth to Tavistock and Launceston line services as well as the famous Plymouth – Saltash shuttles before the new road bridge was built making these services less attractive for commuters.

Again we shall start from Buckfastleigh at 07.30 hrs and photograph the train between then and the start of public service at 10.45hrs. As we have done in the past we can venture out along the line in the middle of the day for some run pasts in between service trains if the weather conditions make it worthwhile. We will later have exclusive access to the line again for a late afternoon/evening session starting around 16.00hrs. The long daylight hours should enable us to get some decent shots in the early evening spring lighting.